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18 September 2012 @ 08:21 pm

Hi everyone... welcome to my coffee house.

Why coffee? Oh yea, i love tea actually and i had a dream to open a small, cute cafe. But, since there wasn't any Tea House, so I use Coffee House instead.  Coffee usually symbols of maturity and always related to adult. But, nope! I like coffee to! Every single person in the world, form children to old people, they can enjoy coffee! 

Oh! I should stop babble here. I'm sorry, i really love to share lots of stories and many things more.

Oh by the way, i decided to make this cafe as

Oh yea, random adding makes me scare, and i'll cut some of my friends from my f-list. Why? Ask yourself.

Get to know me more?

Tidbits of my selfCollapse )So everyone! Lets get friendly! 
Please fill out this form!

Your Name:
Boy or girl?:

How do you found this cafe?:
What type of menu do you want : 
example: HSJ rants.
Do you love this cafe?:
Do you still happy after entering my cafe?: 


Thanks for coming! Please come again!
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22 August 2009 @ 03:25 pm
1  Ramadhan  1430H

Happy fasting, dear muslims.
May Allah swt always bless you in this month!

1 September 2009

HAPPY SPM TRIAL DAY, dear Johorean SPM candidate~
May Allah swt help you through out the days of difficulties...

19 November 2009

HAPPY SPM DAY, dear SPM candidate~
Im wishing you 1001 of luck...

LEFT !!!!!

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16 May 2009 @ 01:46 pm

Teacher is like PEPSI,
"Ask for more"
Teacher is like NIKE,
"Just Do It"
Teacher is like NOKIA,
"Connecting people"
Teacher is like McDonald,
"I'm lovin' it!"

Happy Teacher's Day to all wonderful teachers around the world... especially to my teachers..

♥ My Unique Bahasa Melayu teacher, Puan Hatipah
♥ My Great English teacher, Puan Hajah Rosmah
♥ My Taqwa-ful Islamic Study teacher, Ustaz Nordin
♥ My Strict-ful Tasawwur teacher, Ustaz Hanafi
♥ My Joyful ICT teacher, Puan Laili
♥ My sort of annoying but we do really love him soooooooooooooo much,our Mathematics and Additional Mathematics teacher, Sir Zainal. he loves soccer than us... huuuhuuu
♥ My Sporting Biology teacher, Cik Seri Hafijah.
♥ My Sweet and full of historic knowledge teacher, Puan Nurul Izzati Setia
♥ My Chemistry teacher, who full with tolerance Encik Rosli
♥ and our class teacher, our Physics teacher and our L.O.V.E, Puan Hajah Zarinah Binti Ahmad.

♥♥ And my greatest love, who is a Bahasa Melayu teacher in primary school, who had teach with tolerance and love for more than 15 years... my LOVELY TEACHER and my heart... is my mother. ♥♥

Happy Teacher's Day! We can't shine the world without you, no. Without you, the world can't shine.... May Allah bless you~


Today is my 2nd riding a motorcycle lesson. Hahaha. It was fun though. I know how to change the gear, at last, and start the motorcycle. Tanoshii yo~ ^_^ thanks to my lovely friends who taught me with patience, yea, it was noon after all. hahaha...

I'll MC in this Monday, I'll conducting Teacher's Day ceremony! Whoooohooo! Luv it! Luv it! Again... I'M IN ACTION!! hahahaha.
Well actually, near, no, almost, nope, EVERYDAY, I always at the stage! weeeee....

Tomorrow I got Tasawwur paper.. *MUST.STUDY.HARD.MUST.STUDY.HARD.MUST.FORGET.YABU.and lee min ho*... gotta go!
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10 May 2009 @ 03:38 pm

Just saying thank you is ...                                                                    
                                                                 ...not enough

When Mama reaches out hands
to help when times are though
It's one of life's true wonders
For which "thanks" is not enough

The new hope that Mama gives to me,
The kindness that she displayed,
Were the blessings
that I'd hope for,
and can never be repaired...

To all mothers in the world, Happy Mother's Day.
Keep appreciating our moms, because of them, we could live in this world.

I love you Mak, love you now, always and forever.
No one can truly understand my love to you.
The sacrifice that you made, is just one of the world's biggest and awesome wonders.
Your first daughter prays for your Barakah-ful, Rahmat-ful, Iman-ful, Taqwa-ful life for you.
May Allah SWT bless you forever.

picture credits to: saku-chan555@photobucket
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26 April 2009 @ 03:54 pm
Bell is going away for honeymoon again~

yes. again... this time is real.
I'm going honeymoon, with my 11 subjects heh.
Plus one very special person. *blushes*

So nowadays you guys could see, I'm rarely commenting on you newest entries.
I'm sorry....

CHAIYOK!! BELL!! 14TH MAY and along the three weeks after that ARE BIG DAYS...

After mid year? aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa TRIAL !!!!!

So, if anyone of my friends wants to leave fandom. I should say Bye-bye here..
Bye bye.
And, if anyone from my friends wants to leave the net world, ah...
Lets say... GOOD BYE. Good luck in your RL.... enjoy!

By the way minna-san... this is my tradition when I'm going take big exam.
I want to apologize to all of my friends, especially TKO.
Yea, I had done many mistakes this years.
So, I am really sorry for my silly, lunatic, crazy, annoying behavior.

Ok... bye..

p/s: if you're doing meme tagging, don't tag me okay? Tag anyone of your friends who really you care about to do that. ;-)

or I'll not return?
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15 February 2009 @ 08:26 am
Hello all! Scrolling fanfics list in Jumpstart.invisonplus.net reminds me to Littlix so MUCH! aww.... i missed L! I think everyone knows that Akaru has come back and tell us that he will build new forum, maybe sort of replacement of Littix! gahhh... i think everyone had knew about this.

OK this is continuation from my first fanfic that i posted it on JS.

For second and the first part i had posted it jumpstart.invisionplus.net/  and jumpstart.invisionplus.net/

The Sixth Meeting - the fourth meetingCollapse )

Btw, thanks to heysaypanda for sending me message.. haha.. and for aisyateru for the "fail yabu's PA" *i know where did you know this... **look at jiasumine** *

and to eemir_eera  ...............I FEEL LIKE WANT TO STING YOU!!

AHHH...... sunday are so relaxing!

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24 January 2009 @ 12:13 pm
Dear, everyone.. hello~
want to give me something?

Thank you~ ^^